Model HU 116 (45″)

The HU 116 Institutional Studio Upright has been designed for all levels of students. The powerful bass is balanced with a singing, clear and colorful treble.

The sturdy construction includes 5 back posts, double rubber casters, wet sand cast plate and the meniscus soundboard for climatic resistance. The middle pedal is bass sustain, and the fallboard and lid are equipped with locks. The fallboard is designed with a full length music desk.

Height: 45.5 in. (116 cm.)

Width: 59.6 in. (151 cm.)

Depth: 23 in. (58 cm.)

Weight: 525 lb. (239 kg.)

Tuning Pins: #45 steel, chromium sealed

Back Posts: 5

Plate: Wet sand cast

Soundboard: All mountain spruce with 15 degree spruce meniscus coating for climatic resistance and flexibility; soundboard cut-off bars for enhanced tone

Soundboard area: 1,643 sq. in.

Ribs: 11 quarter sawn spruce notched to liner

Keys: Laminated spruce with red beech shoes, buttons and dowel capstans, weighted and balanced

Action: Hailun Performance Plus™ design made of European hornbeam

Action Rail: Hard maple

Hammers: German quality FFW felt, Würzen Co., Germany – cold pressed with mahogany hammer molding

Strings: German Röslau wire

No. 1 Bass String Speaking Length: 46.8 in. with solid copper windings

Agraffes in Bass

Bridges: Solid maple – hand notched

Pin Block: Multilaminate 17 layers maple

Casters: Double rubber for durability and easy mobility

Pedals: Brass: Soft – Bass Sustain – Sustaining

Locking lid and fallboard with full length music desk

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