Model HG 198 (6′ 5″)

The 6’5″ Hailun HG 198 Grand Piano has a full and colorful tone. The powerful bass is well balanced with a clear and singing treble.

Created by renowned Engineer Frank Emerson, with over 20 years combined experience in Research and Design for the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company and Mason and Hamlin Piano Company, the HG 198 is designed for artistic expression.

Length: 6 ft. 5 in. (198 cm.)

Width: 58 in. (147.5 cm.)

Weight: 816 lbs. (371 kg.)

Plate: Wet sand-cast, concave under bass hitch panel, reduced weight, more consistent dimensional cooling

Soundboard: German solid spruce tapered and thinned at bass contributing to flexibility in bass, stiffness in treble

Soundboard area: 1,890 sq. in.

Treble cut off: Exclusive design adding stiffness to the soundboard in high treble area to increase response to higher frequencies

Bass cut off bar: Unique shape and placement making soundboard symmetrical around the treble bridge

Strings: German Röslau wire

#1 Bass String: 56.8 in. (144.3 cm.)

Pin Block: Multi-laminate European beech

Ribs: 13 quarter sawn spruce

Inner & Outer Rim: Maple

Lid: Beveled & reinforced

Action: Hailun Performance Plus™ design

Action Material: European hornbeam

Wippen Rail: Laminated European beech

Keybed: Laminated poplar

Hammer Rail: Maple

Hammers: German Premium “Abel”

Keyframe: European beech and spruce, reinforced

Keys: Solid spruce

Keytops: High Grade Japanese PMMA

Bridges: Hand notched

Treble Bridge: Vertically laminated maple with European beech cap; Emerson logarithmic design without “crook”; no wound strings on treble bridge or foreshortening of treble bridge

Bass Bridge: Solid maple, non-cantilever apron, longer bass tail lengths provide more flexibility

Tuning Pins: #45 steel, chromium sealed

Pedals: Brass, middle pedal full sostenuto

Piano Lid Safety: HLPS-1

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