Model HG 161 (5′ 4″)

The 5 ft. 4 in. Hailun HG 161 Grand Piano has a rich tone. The unprecedented power for its size will provide many pleasant experiences for students and performers of all levels.

Width: 57.2 in. (145 cm.)

Length: 5 ft. 4 in. (161 cm.)

Plate: Wet sand cast

Hammer: German Premium “Abel”

Strings: Röslau (Duplex Scaling)

#1 Bass String: 45.5 in. (115.7 cm.)

Bridges: Hand-notched maple

Soundboard Area: 1550 sq. in.

Soundboard: All mountain spruce with 15 degree spruce meniscus coating for climatic resistance and flexibility

Pin Block: 18 ply quarter sawn maple

Ribs: 10

Inner & Outer Rim: Multi-laminate Maple

Lid: Beveled & reinforced

Action: Hailun Performance Plus™ design

Action Parts: European hornbeam

Action Rail: Aluminum with maple core

Hammer Rail: Hard Maple, Serrated

Keybed: Multi-laminate poplar

Keys: Spruce

Keytops: High grade Japanese PMMA

Pedals: Brass—Full sostenuto

Piano Lid Safety: HLPS-1

Shown by Appointment

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